Here at Community Eye Care Specialists, we improve our patient’s’ experience with Cataract Surgery by performing a procedure called Dropless Cataract Surgery.

In Dropless Cataract Surgery, Tri-Moxi is placed in the eye during surgery. Tri-Moxi is a combination of antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. The eye absorbs this combination during the following month. This provides patients will the benefits of antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatory medicines without having to reapply drops!

Dropless Cataract Surgery is very low risk, so our patients love it. It also has low rates of infection and retinal swelling. Eye drops can also have some negative effects, so by getting Dropless Cataract Surgery, you reduce the chance of having these effects. One of the other great features of Dropless Cataract Surgery is that is saves you money since you will no longer need to purchase any eye drops.

When you come in for surgery, you will not need to use any drops. Most of our patients also do not need drops right after surgery. Our qualified and trusted staff will ensure that you get the results you want so that you never have to use drops again!

If you have any questions regarding dropless cataract surgery, contact us today at (814) 726-2303.

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