image00005Here at Warren Surgery and Laser Center, we specialize in helping our patients have the very best vision they can.

ReSTOR is designed to allow people to see clearly at any distance without the use of bifocals or reading glasses. The design allows you to focus on light properly.

Apodization is the gradual tapering in incremental steps from the center to the outside edge of the lens. This creates a smooth transition of light between various distances as it passes through the lens. The center of the lens has tiny steps in the center that work together to focus light for both near and long distance vision.

In a recent study, 80% of patients who received reSTOR never had to wear glasses again. If this is your goal, our qualified and friendly staff want to ensure that this is achieved.

Although there are always risks associated with any procedure, the risks here are very low. We love seeing happy patients.

If you have any questions regarding ReSTOR lenses, or any of our other services, contact us today at (814) 726-2303.