Research shows a surprising number of healthy sight habits go overlooked. Regular visits to your eye doctor. Fully treating diagnosed eye problems with proper medication when prescribed. Following instructions on medicine bottles and taking all medication until it’s gone. Talking with your eye doctor about other prescription medications that might interact with your eyecare medication. These are just a few of the basic eyecare practices that most of us don’t adhere to.

Do you work in low light or even poor lighting conditions when reading or working? Many of us do! Do you adjust your computer screen to fit your working environment? Many of us don’t! Yet proper light management is essential to proper eye health, healthy vision and comfort.

How active are you outdoors? Both glare and UV radiation present particular visual hazards and dangers. Take the time to understand how to minimize both, with protective lenses or lens products that have glare reduction and 100% UV blockage built-in.

Finally, how much are you willing to work at keeping your eyes as healthy as can be? Are you ready to commit to a lifetime of healthy sight? As you can see, there is much to think about. But you’ll find a world of valuable information that can help you along, right here in the EyeGlass Guide.

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